Your Stellar Subscription Solution.

Bring your subscription service on the Stellar blockchain with Blue Orion. Receive your payments in XLM or any other asset of your choice. Our white lable subscription solution easily integrates directly in your website.

Blue Orion Timed Transactions API
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We developed a subscription solution, that is easy to integrate in your website. After signing the contract, we will send you your individual code. After implementing it into your website in your preferred look & feel you can use it immediately. It can be easily adjusted to your needs at any time.

Our subscription solution provides all the benefits of Stellar blockchain:
  • High Security
  • Fast Transactions
  • Low Fees

  • You get an overview of all of your subscribers and payment records. Your customers can see the status of their subscriptions. Our solution comes with a „subscribe“ and an „unsubscribe“ button. It is mandatory that you provide both buttons to your customers at all times.


    Donate 10 XLM each month to our donation account (donation* You can cancel your subscription any time.

    Subscription button on your website

    If you are interested in the unique Stellar Subscription, please send a message to