Within the new decentralized blockchain systems Stellar has some unique features like fast transactions, very low fees and the ability to create “on-chain” assets.

Based on the Stellar Network Blue Orion enables smart contracts and blockchain services.

2018/2019 - Building Core Functionalities

  • Non-custodian Web Wallet.

  • Timed and Reccurring Payments.

  • Multi Payments.

  • Voucher Management.

2019 - Building Smart Contracts

  • Blockchain consulting based on the Stellar Ecosystem.

  • Requirement Management.

  • Creating use case specific interfaces and backend solutions.

Blue Orion focus on user friendly implementation of crypto services based on the Stellar Ecosystem.

Services without SignIn

  • MyKeys: Creats a summary of all accounts you are interested in. You also can share this list by using a unique weblink. See Services/MyKeys.

  • Voucher: Distributing vouchers of Stellar Lumens or any other asset. See Services/Voucher.

Services with SignIn

  • Date related Payments: Set the payment on a certain day. See Services/Send.

  • Recurring Payments: Reccurring payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Transparent monitoring of pay status for each schedule! Schedules can be canceled any time. See Services/Send.

  • MyContacts: Assign names to public keys. See Services/Account/MyContacts

  • Multi- or Mass-Payments: Set multi payments by csv-file-upload. See Services/MultiSend.

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Blue Orion is a non-custodial wallet that gives full control of a user’s keys to the user and does not store or transmit a user’s secret keys to any server (all signing is done locally).

Blue Orion Tutorial
To get a quick overview have a look at the PDF Tutorial.

Blue Orion News
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Latest Functions added to the platform:
  • Feb. 2019 - MultiSend
  • Feb. 2019 - MyKeys

  • About Stellar Lumens
    If you are new to Stellar, there are many good tutorials and documentations. Here are some of the main sources:

    stellar.org, lumenauts.com, galactictalk.org (Community), Hacking Stellar (eBook)

    Stellar Consensus
    I also recommend the video from lumenauts about the Federated Byzantine Agreement, if you are interested in how the Stellar Consensus Algorithm works.