Blue Orion
Blockchain Development.

Your partner for blockchain applications based on the Stellar network.


Tokenization & Services.

The Blue Orion Platform provides the entire software toolkit to issue tokenized securities and also safely and fully compliantly manage the investment process.


The tokenization platform is designed to bring together asset managers/owners and investors. Blue Orion operatates as the hub of services required to provide the whole tool chain to perform tokenization or a STO.

Timed Payments.

As an unique service on the Stellar ecosystem we provide timed payments, subscription services and multiple payments. Done as a non-custionian service, we never see your secret key.
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We support the whole process from planning, marketing, token offering and ongoing support after the token has been issued.
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Stellar Based

The Blue Orion Platform is built on the Stellar network and employs advanced blockchain technology. The Stellar Network provides unique capabilities as fast transactions processing at low cost, enhanced security of all processes, from issuance to storage to transfers of tokens.

For Big and Small Investments

Our Open Service API.

We are working on an open API for third parties. Wallet creators and Stellar developers can use our special functions via an API.

Blue Orion Timed Transactions API

The figure above shows a simplified workflow of timed payments. Our goal is to share our existing scheduling features in a public, scalable way, so that developers and wallet owner can focus on turning their ideas into applications quickly.

We participated in the Stellar Community Fund Q2/2019 and got rewarded with a 5 digit $US price. Details are here SCF Timed Transactions Award.
More details on the solution are here.


Our team has a strong IT and consulting background with 10+ years project experience. Team members are based in Munich and Dehli.

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Responsible for IT and operations. 20 years of experience in IT development and blockchain development since 2013. Initiator of Stellar Meetup Munich.

Hans Woppmann Co-Founder, CEO

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Responsible for marketing strategy, regulatory affairs and partner management. 20 years of experience in international marketing and corporate development since 2008.

Danielle Rietsch Co-Founder, CMO

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Responsible for business development, investor relations and financial affairs. 10 years of experience in international IT business development and blockchain advisory since 2016

Amit Joshi Co-Founder, CBO

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Tech Lead, well known in the Stellar community for developing (wallet) and receiving the Stellar award in 2018 for the iOS SDK.

Chris Rogobete, CTO

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Senior IT-Consultant, Testmanagement and Quality Engineering

Peter Pansegrau, Quality Assurance

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Blue Orion Timed Transactions API

Blue Orion presenting "Timed Payments" on Stage with Jed McCaleb and Lisa Nestor at Meridian 2019.