Blue Orion
Blockchain Solutions.

Wallet, Blockchain Consulting and Smart Contracts based on the Stellar Ecosystem.


Fast and Secure Blockchain Solutions.

Blue Orion focuses on user friendly implementation of crypto services based on the Stellar ecosystem.

Timed Transactions.

Timed and recurring payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Transparent monitoring of pay status for each schedule! Payments can be canceled any time.

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Multi Send.

Enables multiple payments on specific dates. Easy upload by CSV-File. Manage your payments in paylists and always know which payments are already done or open.

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Intellectual Property.

Blockchain solution for securing intellectual property assets and innovation processes. Blue Orion enables the proof of ownership, existence and integrity of any IP asset.


We are working on an API for third parties as second layer infrastructure to accelerate development timelines and to ease implementation of the Stellar network services. Thanks to out-of-the-box API services designed for the most common payments use cases.

Unique Features
Secure Wallet

Our Roadmap

2018 Blue Orion Wallet

Creating the Blue Orion wallet was the first step to establish a library and framework. Based on these programming modules all future services can be built fast and can be integrated into the existing structure. The wallet is purely non-custodian, secret keys stay always with the user and are not transmitted over the internet or stored with third parties.

2019 Unique Services

From the beginning our goal was to add unique features that are not existing in the Stellar universe. Our first function was "Timed and Recurring Payments". Then we created multiple payments called "Multisend". Our latest development projects are "Intelectual Property" and "Voucher Management". Currently we are working on an API to provide our services to the community, so Stellar developers can build upon these.


Starting as a two person enterprise we have been very furtunate to win Luke Carriere into our team. Luke is responsible for Business Development and Sales. Hans Woppmann as the initiator is leading the technical development. Peter Pansegrau is in charge of all security and quality related tasks.

Open Company Structure

As we truly believe in decentralisation we implemented an open contribution model. With a open monthly meeting everybody can join and also take on tasks. Work is contributed on an hourly model and rewarded with utility tokens. Upon agreement also an equity model is in place. Contact us if you want to know more about this or join our open monthly meeting.

Our Open Service API.

We are working on an open API for third parties. Wallet creators and Stellar developers can use our special functions via an API.

Blue Orion Timed Transactions API

The figure above shows a simplified workflow of timed payments. Our goal is to share our existing scheduling features in a public, scalable way, so that developers and wallet owner can focus on turning their ideas into applications quickly.

We participate in the Stellar Community Fund proposal Q2/2019. See this Timed Transactions for our detailed description and benefits for the Stellar Community. We would appreciate if you can give us a vote by liking our proposal on

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing.

Our fully featured wallet, including timed payments is free to use. Advanced features like voucher management and multi payments are charged by subscription. Individual software development will be charged on a project/offer model.



Fully Featured

  • Wallet
  • History
  • Dashboard
  • Timed Transactions


Our team has a strong IT and consulting background with 10+ years project experience. Team members are based in Munich, New York and Dehli.

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Senior IT-Consultant, Project- and Testmanager in 50+ projects. Blockchain developer since 2013, founder, MBA Computer Science. Initiator of Stellar Meetup Munich.

Hans Woppmann Co-Founder, CEO

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Senior IT-Consultant, Testmanagement and Quality Engineering, Worked at Atos, T-Systems.

Peter Pansegrau Co-Founder, CQO

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Our technical lead and responsible for all development activities. Chris is also founder of and creator of the Stellar iOS SDK and won the Stellar Developer Fund in 2018.

Chris Rogobete CTO

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Responsible for the Asian and European markets, taking care of business development, marketing communications and customer growth strategies. Looking into investor relations, marketing and customer growth strategies apart from business development in Asia and EU. An SDA Bocconi Alumni with a wide range of experience in blockchain advisory .

Amit Joshi Co-Founder, CBO

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Advising on business development, marketing communications, and customer growth strategies. Formerly CMO of a public French tech company. MSc Digital Currency, MBA Management.

Luke Carriere Adviser, Business Development

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